Hits have gone down since National Poetry Month began, and I have to confess, I feel like a neighborhood restaurant that was doing a nice little business until management decided to celebrate National Liver and Onions Month. I thought if you didn't like something on the menu you'd just ignore it, but apparently the stench was more than many could handle because you have been staying away in droves*. I have the feeling that at some point most people get the idea that poetry is a bunch of pretentious twaddle, and I don't know if poets themselves have done much to help -- god knows whoever invented the "slam" has a seat reserved in the third ring of the seventh circle of hell (usury, blasphemy, and sodomy).

Well, Poetry Month is over, and in an effort to go out with a bang (ha ha) here's a nice link to some limericks about physics.

Thank god May is National Mental Health Month.

*or was it the clowns?