Lists are my way of saying how much I love lists.

1. Right now my Zip drive is full of pennies. I'm pretty sure this whole thing will evolve, and when Jackson gets older our VCR will be full of peanut butter sandwiches. I'm just steering him toward the day when our refrigerator is full of beer.

2. I like to say "Jumble Gook" instead of "Jungle Book," just to see if Jackson will say it that way.

3. As a pure hearted Mac girl for going on fourteen years, it is difficult for me to admit that my husband has led me over to the Dark Side: he bought me a PC laptop so I can help him keep up with his business. I barely have the heart to look at the thing because I know that soon I will be playing nonstop hands of solitaire and updating this site at three in the morning from my bed.

4. Snow White is the blandest, whitest, most difficult to watch fifteen-year-old girl Walt Disney ever created, and I'm pretty disappointed with Grumpy for giving in to her suburban charms.

5. But then again, almost everything is hard to watch right now, it takes real effort to be frivolous. What a strange word. Frivolous. Is that spelled right? Frivolous, frivolous. FRIVOLOUS.

6. We went and got our picture taken at K-Mart this morning! We dressed up in old-timey outfits! We gave them our goofiest smiles! With the sitting fee ($14.95) you get a free 8 x 10! So we're just going to go pick up the 8 x 10 and say THANK YOU K-MART, YOU'RE THE BEST SOURCE OF PRACTICALLY FREE HAND-TINTED OLD-TIMEY PHOTOS EVER!

7. And when we get our Sears portrait taken? We really are going to get the balloon background and black out one tooth each and give Jackson a big blue eyeshadow shiner.