Not to get all Textismistic on your ass, but forthwith an array of free stationery, mostly from m/hotels, collected by my salesman-with-the-massive-territory-covering-most-of-the-Western-states father during the sixties and seventies, and retrieved from a flooding basement by guess who. Ha! You're wrong, it was my brother, I didn't want to get my socks wet. Anyway, you'll see some classic letterheads here. I must add that in the last twenty years I haven't once received a letter from my father that wasn't printed on the blank side of a neighborhood real estate flyer or a restaurant take-out menu. Let's not call him cheap; let's just say he recycles. Click on small image to see an almost full-size piece of stationery! I don't know why this is so interesting to me! I have a thing about office supplies, too! Give me an antique Swingline and a box of rusty staples and I'm yours!*

*Metaphorically speaking. Really, we should probably just stay friends.