While we're waiting for the blood test results, I thought you might want to have fun with other medical oddities besides myself, courtesy of the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. Some good pictures of misshapen skulls there. I would like to see the "mega colon" that contained forty pounds of poop (how uncomfortable), but I guess that will have to wait until my next trip to Philly.

A fun book with pictures of conjoined twins' skeletons and wax models of lepers and even a fat-tailed sheep. On the cover (click image at left) is a "hydrocephalic child whose skull has opened like a flower." You will also learn that it's the mission of the Capuchin monks to preserve the remains of the dead. And to make nice cups of cappucino for everyone at the wake.

It's my father's fault that I like this stuff, that I enjoy liposuction operations on the Learning Channel. My father who had another diabetic blood-sugar cliffhanger yesterday, who, when the paramedics were trying to get him onto a gurney, was apparently hallucinating. Not that he remembers anything but waking up in the hospital. But he couldn't wait to get me on the phone and tell me that everyone said he was violently conversing with another realm. He is my kind of guy.

Jackson, a special case in his own right, now says "down" every time he means "up." This is because he used to say "open" when he meant "up." Now he says "up" when he means "airplane." Or when he sees an apple, or the moon, or hears a fire truck. So we're all very confused here, and working like the dickens to straighten it all out with sign language. With my one good, non-paralyzed arm. Ha ha ha, what fun we're having!