Sarah B. linked to this...

Sarah B. linked to this two months ago, and yet only this morning, upon waking, in a moment of supreme clarity, did I understand what it really means.

Click on the image to read the whole thing.

I thought "Do not disturb the sexy" described a state of being, like, "Do not disturb the peace" [peace n a state of tranquility or quiet.] And I was like, what kind of state is "the sexy" to be in? Is it some supercharged Harbin Hot Springs-like atmosphere where everyone's naked and wet and ready to go at it like dogs and raccoons?

Finally, this morning, I realized that do not disturb the sexy is being used to describe a certain type of person in the same sense as, "Do not disturb the dead," or, "Do not believe anyone in the defense department."

Isn't that so like Puffy to challenge my grammatical assumptions?

Two months of background mental energy to figure that out. Imagine what I could do if I really tried.