It's Jackson's sixteen-month birthday and he's in love.

It's Jackson's sixteen-month birthday and he's in love. It's an unrequited love. She doesn't even know he exists. He doesn't care. Everything stops when her video comes on. He loves the part where she jumps on the bed. He stares. He drools. He isn't subtle, but do you get girls like her by being subtle? Well, maybe, but not if you're only 2' 8". In other news, I was excited to notice that in Robinson's, where I was trying on bras yesterday, the dressing room shelf had a built-in ashtray! Just when I was about to shout over the door and ask the saleslady if I could bum a smoke I realized that it was probably just a round steel cup for holding straight pins. My next real shock was to see myself half-naked in a full-length mirror. When did I start looking like an extra for The Grapes of Wrath? I used to have this big round babyfat moon face and a curvy body, and now I look like a walking Richard Avedon photo. Next thing you know I'll be radicalizing fruit pickers and sneaking sips of factory liquor at the ice cream social.

I have nothing else of substance to say today, but I invite you to click on each of these photos to learn more about the women behind them. Edited to add: I'll tell you what you won't learn if you don't click: both women were photographed at age 32.