Jackson's new words:
Baby -- Said very musically, with the first syllable about four tones higher than the second: "BAAAY-beee."
Okay -- Sounds like a game show host coaxing three dim contestants into the lightning round: "Oh. Kaeey."
'Nana -- Might be indicating "banana," we're not sure yet.
No -- It was inevitable. He says it very gently, though, shaking his head, like he's trying to break the bad news to poor, poor you.
Boom! Boom! -- As in, "Boom, boom! Shaka laka laka boom!" And then you pause and look at him expectantly and he says, "Boom boom!" and you say, "Shaka laka boom boom!"

Interesting things that I find Jackson doing when it's been quiet -- too quiet
1. Playing with his trucks.
2. Sitting in the bathroom sink, playing with the faucet. But wait, it gets better: I really like it when he pulls up the stopper and the sink fills to the brim and I walk in and he's sitting there on the lip of the sink with his feet pulled up to his butt (so his toes won't get wet, presumably) and he's holding a toothbrush in each hand with an electric one vibrating away underwater and he looks at me like, What?
3. Eating cat food, or, this morning, bringing me brown wet globs of sitting-overnight wet cat food -- two big handfuls. And I'm like, where'd he get the pâté?