Another Concha update

Slightly worrisome update about Concha who, as you may recall, works at the laundromat I go to. She was supposed to be back last Friday. I dropped off some laundry this morning and asked Teresa if she'd heard anything. Teresa's English is a little rough and she was trying to work the counter while we talked so I'm a little sketchy on the details, but it works out like this: Concha's kids made it back last Friday (not a big deal, they're citizens, they're ambulatory, they can cross the border at will), and Concha's sister-in-law, who left Mexico with Concha, showed up in L.A. over the weekend. But no one knows where Concha is.

So unless you're a complete fascist about these things, it would be appropriate to think wish hope or pray that a nice woman who you don't know but whose husband and children need her makes it back here just fine. Thank you very much.