Palm Springs is hotter than Satan's burrito.

But Hollywood week continues here on Fussy: Jack's dad was on AMC this morning in a movie called Tension at Table Rock. It's a not-too-bad grade-B cowboy flick, made in the fifties. Jack's dad isn't on the screen for five minutes before he gets shot and killed, of course, which made Jack's mom laugh and laugh. (They were divorced when Jack was small.) She actually hooted, and said to Jackson, "Grandpa's laying down!" Jackson seemed confused, since Grandpa's been laying down under a big tree in Connecticut for about six years now, but things cleared up for him after I took him to the port-a-crib and forced him to take a nap. Then I sped away to the public library's computer room, because God knows I can't be separated from the Internet for more than forty-eight hours without breaking out in hives.