Every time I walk into a room

Every time I walk into a room and forget what I came in for, I say, "SO . . .". Unfortunately, this doesn't usually prompt my short-term memory, but it does compel me to become Joel Gray in Cabaret and adopt a sort of German-Australian accent -- " . . . life iz disappointing? Fagget it. In here, life iz beautiful. Zhe goirls . . . are beautiful. Even ze orgestraaa iz beautiful." Then I have to do the trombone "BRRAAAAPP yat da, dat da da da, dah daahh." Someday Jackson will tell me what he thinks of my little performance. I will try not to let it deter me from also performing large sections of Young Frankenstein, especially the Madeleine Kahn parts. Oh, for a fuzzy boa and a fright wig. To the lumberyard!