Because I will talk all I want about babies and no one can stop me!


Jackson's Latest Tricks, or, The Little Scientist's Latest Experiments

Flushing the toilet. Oooh, this is good. He's about ten minutes away from putting stuff into the toilet to watch it go down, I can see the little hamster wheel in his brain working overtime on this one.

Dropping food off of his high chair tray. Total tot entertainment. He takes a big handful of glop (e.g., cottage cheese) and holds it out over our Home Depot "Oriental" carpet, but before he drops it he makes sure I'm looking (if I'm not, usually he'll just give up and keep eating). I made the mistake of laughing at this once, so forget it.

Faking me out. This is when he pretends to drop glop off his tray, when actually he has quickly stuffed it into his mouth first and is holding out an empty fist so that I will think he has glop in it and get all ready to catch it. Then he opens his empty hand and smiles at me, and I say, "You faked me out!"

Climbing down from the bed. After watching Kitty leap down off the bed a few times, I guess he figured that was the coolest way to do it (since the actual human examples set by Jack and I are not nearly so aerodynamic). One morning he launched himself off the bed and landed on his throat. (Where was I? Umm, well . . .) So now he crawls carefully to the edge of the bed, grabs hold of the quilt, swings his legs down, and crawls off. How did he come up with that? Fuck if I know.

Erasing my posts. No longer allowed near the computer when I'm typing.

Unplugging stuff. Like the computer, while I'm typing, which successfully skirts the effects of being banished from keyboard and mouse proximity. He also likes to unplug the vacuum cleaner while I'm vacuuming, which is downright hilarious.

Dialing random telephone numbers. *Sigh*

Threatening to walk. This morning he took two unassisted steps, right in front of me, so stay tuned, all hell is about to break loose. Plus, I might win some ice cream!