Today was Unenthusiastic Dad Day in the park

The scene: I am pushing Jackson in the swing as Unenthusiastic Dad (who looks vaguely like Gary Sinise) places Cute Blond Son in the next swing. Me: (smile at newcomers)

subtext of smile: "Hi! I'm willing to chat about babies."

Cute Blond Son: (gives me huge smile back)

subtext of smile: "Wow! You're a Woman! My mom's a Woman, too! Women are incredible!"

Me (encouraged by big reaction): "Hey! Look at all those teeth!"

subtext of statement: Talking about a child's teeth is a way to roughly guess his or her age, leading to further conversation about babies.

Unenthusiastic Dad: (bends slightly to look at son's teeth, straightens up, does not reply)

possible subtext of silence: (a) "Yup, he's got teeth all right"; (b) "How dare you fucking look at my son's teeth! I am so furious at you right now that I can't speak"; or (c) "Què?"

Me: (silent smiling, swing pushing)

subtext of silence: "Okay, fuck you, too."

Yes, I am about to get my period, why do you ask?