Reunion Round-up

My high school buds, twenty years after the fact! S Then: Pleasant, stoned expression Now: Still looks baked A Then: Hated C because she stole P away Now: Didn't invite C to the reunion; still in love with P P Then: Sold me film canister full of speed senior year Now: Swears that it was really Dexatrim; still not in love with A B Then: Played guitar, studied Now: Became a Muslim; sense of humor submerged below surface of placid wisdom S Then: Charmingly bubbleheaded Now: Changed name to another name that starts with S N Then: Goofy, gangly, bad skin Now: Sweet, paunchy, good skin R Then: Had some sort of preppy yachtmaster/private jet aesthetic Now: Out of the closet C Then: Quoted Earth Wind & Fire in the yearbook Now: Works for insurance company, has a cute husband M Then: Rumored to have had mature but inappropriate relationship with geology teacher Now: Did not talk to me about group sex in suggestive manner A Then: Duuuuude! Now: Duuuuude! M Then: Unnervingly matter-of-fact Now: Exactly the same; divorced from "psycho bitch from hell"; John Denver glasses J Then: Nice, but never really had much to say to her Now: Looks the same, still not much to say to each other T Then: My best friend; funny; loyal despite (or perhaps because of) my flagrantly immature behavior Now: Is herself, only moreso; love her to death J Then: Charmingly befuddled Now: Made N apologize to M for calling him "Lupus" in ninth grade Me Then: Either happy or suicidal; read pretentious books without understanding them Now: Surprisingly happy, never suicidal; reading confined to take-out menus and TV schedule