The Spirit of Mr. Pop

One of the cruise lines is using Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life" in its commercial. You may have heard it first in that inland epic, Trainspotting, but you've grown since then, you're a citizen under pressure and you need to let off a little punk rock steam by driving golf balls off the Fiesta Deck. "Here comes Johhny Yen again" the commercial begins, but clever sound editing cuts right to the chorus: "I've got a lust for life! Lust for life!" As I'm sure you recall, however, the song really goes

"Here comes Johhny Yen again / with liquor and drugs / and the flesh machine / he's gonna do another striptease / hey man, where'd ya get that lotion?" etc.

Hmmm, which cruise would I rather go on, one full of smug young marrieds who used to own a B-52s album, or one where a reckless, tattooed man from the East Village encourages me to take my clothes off and roll around on broken glass?

It's the spirit of Mr. Pop that ought to be on hand on these occasions, is all I'm saying.