I just do my crossword and wait

". . . a well-lived life is a question of attitude. It takes a lot of discipline. That is true of fashion as well. How so?

Well, I think a white cotton shirt that is properly ironed and starched looks great. It looks a lot better than a nylon shirt. But you have to have discipline to iron and starch a shirt. Nylon is easier, but cotton is infinitely better. And life presents those choices every day. How you choose dictates how you live.

Is that what you're thinking when you're in an airport in the middle of America surrounded by women who are dressed in nylon?

I just do my crossword and wait until I'm back in New York."

-- Oscar de la Renta, interviewed by Lynn Hirschberg in last Sunday's New York Times

Tomorrow the Nut and I will be jetting our way uncontrollably toward said middle of the country, though with more of an oatmeal-on-our-lapels attitude. I'm going back both for my twentieth high school reunion and for my parent's fiftieth wedding anniversary, so we're gonna be soaking up a whole lotta Stanley Cup playoffs and strip-mall culture in good old Littleton, Colorado, the suburb from which I sprang, wholly formed, from the forehead of Zeus (aka "Dad").

If I can't post from my brother's house, I'll be back online June 10.