Hooray! We're not dead from salmonella.

Jack used some of the veal reduction to try to save a couple of really shitty pieces of meat (didn't work). To distract ourselves from facing the fact that we think we're too poor to buy good meat but we'll pour $20-an-ounce truffle oil on our organic baby carrots, we watched Mulholland Drive. I totally dug it, but Jack had a fit. Credits rolled and I was like, That was awesome! and Jack did this real slooow take and said to me, Okay, when you wake up from your art school-induced coma, you can explain to me what the fuck just happened. For the record, I did not go to art school, I'm liberal arts all the way, a BA in philosophy is great training for being on unemployment, making fudge, building a web site, and knitting your ass off.