The Nut's Nine-Month Birthday!

Right now he is napping peacefully, but in an hour he'll be at the doctor's office having needles jabbed into his thigh, all because I'm hippie enough to let him be born at home, but not hippie enough to let him grow up without polio vaccine. I am so technologically backward sometimes that I want to hit myself in the head with a brick. Then I remind myself that I am old enough to be planning my midlife crisis. So old that when I was in college, no one had a computer, but there were extra typewriters in the library basement. At my first job in New York I had an IBM Selectric and carbon paper for copies, and we sent books to be typeset on big linotype machines in Pennsylvania.

Basically, if it weren't for Blogger, I'd be watching General Hospital and drinking a twelve-pack of Schlitz right now.