My news has grown simple.

I bought a roll of 100 stamps, instead of two little books, and I paid the bills. I got the laundry done and took the garbage out.

Your new jacket is hanging in your closet.

The answering machine works again.

The baby can stand up by himself, if he's holding onto something, but won't crawl more than a few inches. He got a new tooth today.

I will pick up the photos at the drugstore, and use that coupon for a nice bottle of wine.

The cat shit on the floor by your desk again, I don't know why.

I dreamed that I had a little girl and I left her in the car while I ran into the grocery store. But then I ran into my old boss and he said, Come in here, we need you, and everyone I used to work with was in a room having a meeting, and they had a list of things they wanted to see if I would do. Then we all had a glass of wine. When we were done I went back to my car, and I found my little girl suffocating inside with all the windows rolled up. I got her out and tried to rush her into the air-conditioned store, but a group of fat hippie witches in a VW bus took her away from me until I learned my lesson.

If the dream is about the dreamer, then the little girl was me, and I've let her suffocate.

And I won't get her back until I learn what lesson?