Day Three!

I'm going to run out of those exclamation points very soon! Because I'm totally phoning it in today! I have two actual, paid writing gigs these days so today I need to redirect you to the other things I've been working on, I'm afraid, because I have to leave the house in five minutes.

First, we have an open letter to Justin Bieber. My pitch for this was totally off the cuff, I had three other ideas and felt like I needed to send in one more, so I said, "Or I could do an open letter to Justin Bieber explaining how to use a condom." I guess editors like simple, straightforward ideas that don't involve Kardashians.

Secondly, we have Did He Need to See That?, an exploration of my decision to let my son watch a little R-rated gem called Bridesmaids.

Up tomorrow: shoe photos and a little wardrobe remixing!

And don't forget the raffle.