I am desperate to go shopping, yet all I've done is to go online and buy t-shirts for Jack that I don't have the nerve to wear myself.

It's a cat, licking its butt! It's from the Museum of Menstruation, and it says, Not feeling fresh? He'll love it.

Also, this one is perfect for gigs.

It's from the big brains at Mighty Girl. Because Jack just does not get enough attention from women. Plus, he already has this one:

Can you read that? It says "Hot as FCUK." Dyslexic people always have a good chuckle when they see that one.

And everyone likes the one that says, "I don't get out of bed for less than a grand," but I had to restrain myself from actually pulling it out of Jack's drawer and taking a picture of it. I mean, this is a blog and all, but I had to ask myself: does a sane woman post photos of things she finds in her husband's underwear drawer? No.


See! I left it in the drawer.