This video* has probably been the most mind-bending thing on Jackson's playlist lately (in between viewings of the new Shrek 2 trailer, the Spider-Man 2 trailer, the Scooby Doo 2 trailer**, and browsing for Power Ranger toys on Amazon). (Must I link to those, too? Can't you find them for yourself?)

The other fun thing we've been doing -- and god knows it's probably a direct result of all of the above -- is being woken up in the middle of the night by a screaming little boy in the middle of our bed. I thought he was too old for this? I thought Family Bed meant instantly comforted child who'd always go right back to sleep? No. Wrong! Now is the age when many children develop "night terrors." What does this mean? This means DADDY SLEEPS ON THE COUCH.

However, it being the worst of times, bed-wise, means that there's half a chance it's also the best of. Why? Two words: female ejaculation. (WHILE JACKSON IS AT SCHOOL.) I know not whyfore, folks, all I know is that it makes me want to roll out of bed, grab the remote, scratch my balls and check the NCAA schedule on ESPN. I now have a dick and cuddling is for pussies!

This post pretty much assures that I won't give my dad this URL, like he asked me to.

*link via mister pants
**Because we are all about NUMBER TWO

Edited on 4/18/07 to add link to video feed that didn't exist when this was originally posted.