Warning: Elevated Cuteness Levels Ahead
Those with diabetic conditions might want to go somewhere else until this is over

Jackson, rolling up to our bedside at 7:45 this morning: "Put your clothes on!"
Me: "Bossy."
Jackson, seeing my robe on his highchair*: "Is this yours?"
Me: "Yes."
Jackson: "Put it on."
Me: "Okay."
Jackson: "Daddy, put your clothes on."
Jack: "I don't want to put my clothes on."
Me: "Wow, it sure is foggy out."
Jackson: "It's froggy out?"
Jack: "Yes, it's very froggy outside!"
Me: "Daddy wants to go naked and barefoot."
Jackson: "Daddy can't go barefoot!"
Me: "Why not? I let you go barefoot to the dentist yesterday."
Jackson: "Daddy can't go barefoot, THERE'S A BIG FROG OUTSIDE!"

*Have I ever mentioned that Jackson has the bedroom and our bed is in the living room?