So I'm going to start working for Jack's company, like I said, but Jack is not my boss, his partner Gregg is, and it's probably a good thing. At work, Jack is a hard guy. He spends his days getting other hard guys to frame and drywall and plaster and roof and tile and work harder and faster than they've ever worked. Or he fucking fires their asses. He is a Leader of Men. If he'd been sent to Iraq, the whole thing would be over by now. By way of contrast, Gregg calls everyone (even Jack) dear or sweetheart. Gregg says things to me like, I'll be at your house at 8:30 and you'd better have coffee made or I'll be bitchy! Gregg will tell me if my lipstick's smudged, and he notices when I'm wearing the earrings he gave me for two years ago Christmas. Nothing against Jack, but it's bad enough, the shit he gives me when he notices I haven't washed my car, I wouldn't want to be on the other end of the cell phone when he asks why the portable toilets haven't been emptied in a week.