I can't decide which part of this week's Harper's Review I like best, this part:

"A new poll found that President Bush would lose, 48 to 44 percent, against an unknown Democrat if the presidential election were held today. Another poll found that 42 percent of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein is personally responsible for September 11. Sixty-eight percent of Americans believe in the devil, but only 48 percent believe that God created the universe; 28 percent believe in evolution."

this part:

"Some commentators were surprised by Bush's odd, passionless tone; there was speculation in the Washington Post that the president was on drugs. "

this part:

"Denver's Ocean Journey aquarium was bought by a seafood restaurant."

or this part:

"McDonald's was trying to overcome the fact that the restaurant has come to be associated with poor, stupid, and fat people. Women with fake breasts are more likely to kill themselves, a new study found, and scientists announced that women with short thighs are at higher risk of diabetes."