Tomorrow I'm taking the Nut back to Denver for several days to check in on my post-bypass father. He sounds great on the phone, but apparently the house is a tangle of oxygen tubing and expensive monitors, and the wind is whispering long-term care faciity. So tomorrow will also mark the beginning of my posting-by-e-mail experiment. My father has a Mailstation that is solely for text e-mail. I have tried to sell him on the advantages of having a real ISP, but he is afraid of worms and he doesn't like the sound of cookies, either. So we will adapt to the available technology.

Jackson's latest words
"Wawa" (water)
"Momo" (motorcycle)
"Chichu" (Cheetos)
"Choochoo" (train)
"Bubble" (bubble)
"Quack quack quack" (duck)
"Cock!" (Triscuit)
"Mao" (new stuffed kitty toy)

My latest words
"What do you mean, my parents aren't going to live forever? What if I need another car loan?"

Jack's latest words
(After work) "God, I'm tired."
(After a few beers) "Howya doin' down there? When ya gonna gimme summa that?"
(After six years of marriage) "God, I love you, you fucking pain in my ass."