Today is Jackson's eight-month birthday

Today is Jackson's eight-month birthday so I thought I'd burn him a CD of his favorite sides. He seems to like Pink, parts of the O, Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack, and the Beatles (especially "Across the Universe"). He's a little lukewarm on Oasis and P.J. Harvey. Jack has already given Jackson one of his electric basses -- he lays it down on the floor and puts Jackson's hands on the strings and lets him make random noises. They both really light up when he hits a note.


Mary J. Blige, P.J. Harvey, Bjork, Radiohead, Beck

In 1992:

Throwing Muses, Pixies, Jane's Addiction, Nick Cave

In 1982:

Pretenders, David Bowie, Specials, Police, Clash, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Prince

In 1972:

Stevie Wonder, Beatles, Jackson 5, Cher, Chi-Lites, Elton John